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Your business is our passion!

Every business decision we make has our customers in mind first and foremost to ensure that you get the best of what video can offer.


Completed projects and counting, overdelivering on customer expectations.


Hours on various production sets from live events to full crew productions.


Spent on state-of-the-art equipment and accessories for lighting, sound, stabilization, and more to be ready for any scale of production.

Our formula for success


Whether you require one videographer for a simple project or a large-scale production with a full crew, we are ready to accommodate your needs and deliver results that you can count on.

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Pre-Production Support

We use online collaborative tools and allocate a lot of time to pre-production to make sure that you get a video that reflects your vision and fits your need.


We’re fully dedicated to your project and approach it as our own. We do research and give you suggestions. We also make revisions based on your feedback.


A feature we've implemented to provide you with the best customer experience: Safety on set, electronic documents and billing, and formal attire.

Our Story

Hi, I'm JP (Jean-Philippe) Emile, the founder of A-Roll Productions. Growing up in Haiti I've always looked up to my older brother who was a professional photographer. As I started producing my first pieces of content, he would review my work and give me feedback along with tips for improvement. As a natural technology enthusiast with a creative brain, I was always fascinated with the creation process and the world of possibilities with the technology that's currently available. The more I was creating, the more I wanted to continue leveling-up my productions and I quickly understood the correlation with having a team of dedicated professionals.​

I started as a freelancer operating under the name of Video by Jay as I continued working towards my ultimate goal of starting my own production company, which is now A-Roll Productions. We serve the Montreal area and the surrounding communities, dedicated to providing high-level video solutions to businesses.

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Let's Get Started

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